Nice new site for help –

I recently ran across a new site where one can ask and answer questions about all things related to software development. It’s and it’s pretty nice.

The questions I’ve read so far are wide-ranging and the answers thorough and correct. There’s a ranking scale so the most correct and helpful answers bubble up to the top and are clearly marked. In addition to strictly technical questions there are also questions about how to do one’s job better, conditions at work, etc.

Since the site is wide open to all software development, it’s dominated by Windows-type things and web development. For those of us like me who are usually interested in networked programming, there are tags for networked, tcp/ip, etc. and there is a level of help there.

The site allows one to post and answer questions without paying a fee to join, so is ad-supported. I think this is fine, as the ads are unintrusive and the wealth of advice and experience there is well worth it. I heartily recommend

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