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ACE V6 timestamp format changing to ISO-8601

December 10, 2010

Who says persistence doesn’t pay off?

Thomas Lockhart is a long-time ACE user with some particularly hard-won expertise in date-time formatting. He suggested back in January 2008 that timestamps produced by ACE’s %D logging spec, as well as from the ACE::timestamp() method, switch from the UNIX-y “Day Mon dd yyyy hh:mm:ss.uuuuuu” format to the ISO-8601 format “yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.uuuuuu”. He even included a patch to implement the change. A number of other Bugzilla requests were attached to Thomas’s as dependents. It was clearly a worthwhile improvement but it languished for nearly three years. Thomas even updated the patch from the original ACE 5.6.3 base to the current 5.8.3 base.  Still nothing. What else could we want? Well, just time, I guess.  There were always more urgent matters pressing…

One day last week I had some free time and decided to jump in and apply Thomas’s patch. Why? I don’t know… it seemed like a well-reasoned idea that solved a number of problems, and we were preparing to begin the release process for ACE 6. I figured if it didn’t happen now, it probably would languish for years more.

As soon as I began, Thomas renewed the patch, examined the dependent TAO code which may be affected, and resolved those issues as well. All in all, a couple of days later, it was done. If you upgrade to ACE 6 you’ll see the new timestamps most notably if you have code that uses the %D specifier for logging.

Thanks very much to Thomas Lockhart for the well-reasoned request, for the patches, and most of all, for the persistence.

See, persistence does pay off.

If you don’t have three years, though, I have ways to speed up the process. Talk to me…